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After due consideration, we regret to inform you that the winter 2022-2023 Experience has been canceled

Consulta Meta I.M. inc. will reschedule the return of the exclusive Aurora | 360 Experience
Canada’s Ultimate Aurora Viewing Tour

Consulta Meta I.M. has taken a customer oriented effort to offer a safe and memorable Experience at low cost.          Keep in touch !

 Aurora | 360 Experience  is the most exciting way to see the Northern Lights. This exclusive opportunity offers Guests a once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy the Northern Lights by private-chartered 737 jet for unrivaled, eye level Northern Lights viewing.  It’s the only flight in the world to take off aiming the Auroral Oval, offering the chance for Aurora viewing shortly after take-off.

The five-day package not only offers serious bragging rights, but will provide high-altitude views of the spectacular Aurora in the Yukon sky combined with unique culinary components, industry leading guest speakers, cultural events, optional day tours and more.  With only 70 seats available, the Aurora | 360 Experience gives passengers the unique opportunity to fly above the clouds, and witness the Aurora Borealis closer than ever before.  As part of the package the passengers get to learn more about the Aurora Borealis from renown guest speakers including Pierre Paquette (Astronomy Ambassador of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada).

We will continue to keep you apprised regarding any updates related to the next Experience.

also, see clips of the 2019 events

enjoy The Experience !

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We are meticulously working on future Experience events, please keep in touch with us for all up-to-date information

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