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The Aurora | 360 Experience is back!

Join us this February 11 – 15, 2021

With Covid-19 still looming over many aspects of our daily lives, the decisions to fly in 2021 remains uncertain. We are optimistic that the flight will go on, and that you will be able to once again, or for the first time, enjoy our Yukon sky and the infamous Aurora Borealis.

We will endeavor to keep you apprised regarding any updates related to the flight in 2021. Please be aware that our website is currently going through an update, but we will always keep you informed. We ask that you remain optimistic that the Aurora | 360 Experience will go on, just as we are.

We are meticulously working on our 2021 Experience, please keep in touch with us for all up-to-date information

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The Northern Lights – like never before !

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