Experience the AURORA BOREALIS in the Yukon
by Private Charter Flight

Northern Lights Flights


The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is truly one of the World’s greatest celestial phenomenon. A once in a lifetime experience, the groundbreaking new Aurora | 360 tour is the ultimate way to experience them. On board a private charter jet, you’ll have the best access possible for seeing the Northern Lights.

Scheduled to take-off from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada on the weekend between the 23rd and the 27th of January 2020, the Aurora | 360 Experience offers passengers an exclusive opportunity to fly above the clouds, and witness the Aurora Borealis, closer than ever before. And, with only 70 seats available, this flight comes with serious bragging rights!

To see the Northern Lights is an amazing moment in all situations, but to capture them well on camera adds exponentially to the experience.  Award-winning Canadian Photographers will once again lead the photography project for the Aurora | 360 Experience.  Hence, you will witness and record colorful apparitions that will impress your memory!  At 36,000 ft. above sea level, traveling at speeds of over 500 miles per hour, and following a custom flight path, determined by our science team to optimize Aurora viewing potential, your on-board experience cannot be more unique.

The Aurora | 360 Experience includes various pre and post flight activities, Yukon inspired meals, a full evening of Yukon First Nations stories, dance, and culture, along with another evening in the company of very special guest speakers welcomed from organizations such as UBC, NOAA, and the RASC.  In addition, the nature day showcases Yukon’s unique land, water and sky.  Aurora | 360 provides activities that highlight the colors of the Yukon through Science, Culture and Nature events.

Yatʼay kʼänatʼa mazhän kwatsʼä̀n yatʼäy ädekʼą – flying to the Northern Lights

Aurora | 360 Experience

Aurora | 360 Experience is back, and ready to show the world what the Yukon skies have to offer!
Join us January 23 to January 27, 2020 in Whitehorse.

Pricing for 2020 from: $3699 per person (5% tax not included)

The Aurora | 360 Experience includes:

  • a complete Welcome package
  • a seat on the Aurora flight
  • accommodations for four (4) nights (based on double occupancy)
  • four (4) delicious breakfasts
  • three (3) unique Yukon-inspired dinners
  • ground transportation to/from your downtown accommodation and the airport
  • ground transportation to/from the various Aurora | 360 Experience events
  • viewing of a film introducing you to the Yukon at the Yukon Tourism theatre
  • an exclusive autographed Commemorative Certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle
  • an exclusive Commemorative Flight Patch
  • a souvenir booklet, to remind you of the Experience
  • full access to our Guest Speaker panel throughout the event
  • unique activities that fill the Science day, the Culture day and the Nature day
  • a tour of the Yukon Wildlife Preserve
  • a dip at the Takhini Hot Springs
  • a presentation at the new Yukon Astronomical Observatory

For the January 2020 Experience, Aurora | 360 introduces :

  • Award-winning Canadian Photographer Mark Kelly will proffer on-board photographic assistance to flight participants.
  • Whitehorse based, award-winning Yukon Brewing will offer a complimentary Signature Celebratory Gin on-board the flight.
  • A Boeing 737-500 from Air North, Yukon’s Airline, will fly you to the Aurora. Air North will provide non-alcoholic drinks and snacks during the flight.
  • The Guest Speakers are invited to facilitate the scientific portion of the Experience;
  • the Caterers are selected so that they can demonstrate their traditional culinary know-how;
  • the Venues will support the immersion of the participants into the Experience.


All to ensure a memorable event !




    E:  inform@aurora-360.ca
    P:  +1.778.776.2406

    We are the only ones in the world, with a fully immersive experience package, and have the flexibility to select the better of two (2) nights for our flight, based on the 3-Day NOAA Aurora forecast, to ensure the greatest experience!