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“A chartered flight inside the auroral oval to witness the northern lights up close is just the beginning of this curated journey through the unique geography and cultures of the Yukon”

2019 Canadian Geographic Travel

Canadian Traveller magazine


Could it be that the most memorable plane ride you ever take is a flight to nowhere?
“IT’S WHEELS UP AT 11:45 P.M. at Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport. We have a three-hour flight that will take us over a large swath of the Yukon and into the Northwest Territories. Instead of a destination, though, we have a mission aboard this Boeing 737. We will spend an evening in the sky, making a ceremonial crossing of the Arctic Circle while searching for nature’s most dazzling light show.
We are aurora hunters on the flight of a lifetime.”

Canadian Traveller

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Any media interested in interviewing our special guest speakers, we ask that you please contact Kalin. The speakers are open to phone interviews, or live interviews, on location, in Whitehorse during the event.