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We are the only ones in the world, with a fully immersive astro-tourism experience package, and have the flexibility to select the better of two (2) nights for our flight, based on the 3-day NOAA Aurora forecast, to ensure the greatest experience!

What is Astro Tourism?

Astro Tourism is exactly as it sounds. Traveling to exciting new places to learn more about the night sky and natural world!  Aurora | 360 is proud to pioneer this category in Canada’s Yukon. And yes – Astro Tourism is now officially a thing. But with our clear, dark night skies and dancing northern lights, we’ve always been on trend.

Astro Tourism through the Aurora | 360 Experience includes various pre and post flight activities, Yukon inspired meals, a full evening of Yukon First Nations stories, dance, and culture, along with another evening in the company of very special guest speakers welcomed from organizations such as UBC, NOAA, and the RASC.  In addition, the nature day showcases Yukon’s unique land, water and sky.

Aurora | 360 provides activities that highlight the colors of the Yukon through Science, Culture and Nature events.

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