Booking and Cancellation Policy:

  • If the tour is cancelled, the deposit will be refunded; otherwise the 25% deposit is non-refundable.
  • Both travel agencies have secured sufficient accommodations, at the same quality and service level, for all clients.
  • A Yukon Bus Company will provide the ground transportation in H3-54 Prevost coaches.
  • All Aurora | 360 Experience guests will receive a Welcome Package in their rooms, or by e-mail, outlining activities / events / meal selections / contact information / FAQs.
  • 12 years of age is the minimum age permitted on the flight, when accompanied by an adult/legal guardian.

Disclaimer: Important – Northern Lights are a natural occurrence, and Aurora | 360 is unable to guarantee activity, vibrancy, or colour on the evenings of any of the two (2) flight attempts** offered. Aurora | 360 will do everything possible to offer clients the best possible experience! Aurora | 360 reserves the right to cancel, or reschedule the flight, in case the weather conditions do not permit the departure, and/or safety of the passengers is endangered.

Cancellation policy: cancellation fee (if cancelled by guest):

  • Up to 90 days before departure, 25% of the total amount;
  • 89 to 60 days before departure, 50% of the total amount; and
  • from 59 days to departure date, 100% of the total amount.

Payment Terms:

  • up until 90 days prior, 25% (non-refundable deposit);
  • 89 days, full payment is due.

** An attempt is considered as a period in which the plane could fly. There will only be one flight on the weekend, and Consulta Meta I.M. Inc. will decide if the flight occurs on the Friday, or Saturday night, based on weather and Aurora conditions.

For media or additional information please contact:

Kalin Pallett
P: +1.867.335.6469
E: kalin@eddyline.ca


e.m.:  inform@aurora-360.ca  
v.m.:  +1.778.776.2406