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Disclaimer: Important – Northern Lights are a natural occurrence, and Aurora | 360 is unable to guarantee activity, vibrancy, or colour on the evenings of any of the two (2) flight attempts** offered.  Aurora | 360 will do everything possible to offer our clients the best possible experience! Aurora | 360 reserves the right to cancel, or reschedule the flight, in case the weather conditions do not permit the departure, and/or safety of the passengers/crew is endangered.

** An attempt is considered as a period in which the plane could fly. There will only be one flight during the weekend, and Consulta Meta I.M. Inc. will decide if the flight occurs on the Friday, or the Saturday night, based on optimal space weather conditions, primarily focusing on: 1. Geomagnetic Activity Observations and Forecasts;  2. Solar Radiation Activity Observations and Forecasts;  3. Radio Blackout Activity and Forecasts.

Thank you for your interest and for your patience, we are in challenging times.  Please see the current Covid-19 regulations specific to the Yukon as we adhere to them.

  • All Aurora | 360 Experience guests will receive a Welcome Package outlining itinerary / activities / events / meal selections / contact information / answers to additional FAQs.
  • No price increase; yes, a lower price and additional flexibility.
  • Teens 13 to 17 years of age are permitted on the flight, when accompanied by an adult/legal guardian.
  • A Family package is now available for 2 adults and 2 children from 6 to 12 years of age.
  • Single room supplement is $400.
  • Optional tours: 
    • Thursday p.m., Yukon Tourism movie presentation, included in the Experience 
    • Friday a.m., Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre, optional
    • Friday p.m., photography workshop (bring your camera), optional
    • Saturday, cultural day tour at Carcross, optional
    • Sunday a.m., Yukon Brewing, included in the Experience
  • For all events, flexible Yukon bussing services will provide the ground transportation.
  • Forms to be completed:  Waivers for a-Experience, and b-Optional Tours.
  • Special dietary requirements, alergies, and other constraints need to be specified on the individual’s waiver.
  • Digital cameras are highly recommended, smartphones may not be adequate to capture the Auroras.
  • Clothing for cold, frigid weather should be considered (see details below).

Covid-19 Update:

WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Dashboard with Vaccination Data

  • For 2022 we are proposing a more accessible Experience while adhering to government and health guidelines.
  • Aurora | 360 will follow all current Covid-19 Government regulations, and will request that all Guests do the same when attending all scheduled events. 
  • As of November 30th, the Yukon will require anyone over the age of 12 who plans to attend or partake in any non-essential activities to be fully vaccinated. Prior to the event we will be requesting proof of full vaccination as well.
  • Information for people entering the Yukon If you’re arriving in the Yukon from within Canada  please call 1.877.374.0425 If you’re arriving in the Yukon from outside of Canada  you must follow federal rules for travelling to Canada.  Find out what the federal laws for entering Canada are here. Masks in the Yukon   You do not have to wear a mask in indoor public spaces. But, the Chief Medical Officer of Health recommends wearing a mask in certain situations.

Cancellation policy: 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have experienced much uncertainty.  We understand the volatile time we face, and we will be upfront with our Guests.

  • If the tour is cancelled by Aurora | 360, the total amount paid will be fully refunded
  • In the event of a Government-issued lockdown, Aurora | 360 cannot guarantee the full refund.  Aurora | 360 shall not be made liable for the variable protocols enacted by specific provinces or countries in regards to Covid-19 public directives which may impact the Guest’s journey.
  • Cancellation fee if the tour is cancelled by the Guest (including for contracting Covid-19):  * It is the Guest’s responsibility to procure the necessary travel insurance for their trip.
    –   until 90 days before Tour start date, 25% of the total amount;
    –   from 89 to 60 days before Tour start date, 50% of the total amount;
    –   from 59 days to Tour start date, 100% of the total amount.

Payment Terms:

  • up until 90 days prior to event date, 25% (non-refundable deposit);
  • from 89 days prior to the event date, full payment is due.
  • Major credit cards and direct e-mail transfers are accepted.

Flight Bookings/Information Contact:

Sales Manager
P-msg:  +1.778.806.2281
Add me as a contact on WhatsApp:

Media Contact

Any media interested in interviewing our special guest speakers, we ask that you please contact us. The speakers are open to phone interviews, or live interviews, on location, in Whitehorse during the event.

Tour Operator

Aurora | 360
Consulta Meta I.M. inc.
Anthony Gucciardo, CD, RN


Aurora Photography

YouTube can provide preliminary information on how to take photos of the Aurora.

Weather & clothing

Dressing for success

January and February in the Yukon is mid-winter. The average day time high temperature is -14C and the nights can drop to -23C. That might sound cold, but our dry climate makes it very easy to be comfortable. By planning for winter weather and dressing in layers, you’ll be comfortable day and night.  The Yukon is always casual; jeans, fleece jackets and walking shoes are the local “uniform”. Depending on what other activities you plan to do, here is a list of clothing suggestions for you to consider:

Personal Clothing Suggestions

  • T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts – merino wool or poly works best for insulating
  • Warm winter jacket and/or vest, plus an extra fleece sweater
  • Wind shell – should be big enough to go over the fleece jacket or a sweater
  • Long underwear (tops and bottoms) – merino wool or poly works best
  • Warm pants and/or snow pants
  • Gloves or mitts, scarf and toque (winter hat)
  • Good winter boots
  • Sunglasses (even though we only have 6 hours of daylight, it can be quite bright)
  • Personal toiletry items; including skin moisturizer (the air in the Yukon can be dry)
  • Personal medications

Whitehorse is the capital of Canada’s Yukon and is a very modern city. Don’t worry if you forget to pack something, there is ample time in your itinerary to get any items you might need. And some of the local tour operators even include winter clothing use in the price of their day tour. You can also find up to date weather/weather forecasts at this link: 


Other Helpful Information:


  • If you are planning on bringing your cell phone with you, please ensure that you have made arrangements with your local service provider in your home territory.   Bell Canada operates the cellular phone network in the Yukon (note: not all phone companies have an agreement with Bell Canada and therefore your cell phone may not work in the Yukon).
  • Mobile phone access is only available in and around the communities – once outside of a community there is generally no access.
  • Phone cards for use on all pay phones and hotel phones are very economical for long distance calls and are widely available for purchase in the Yukon. 


  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and to a lesser extent American Express) are widely accepted.  All communities have automatic banking machines for cash withdrawals using credit cards or debit cards.   


Aurora | 360
P-msg:  +1-778-806-2281